7 ways to save money on a night out

By B贸 | November 8th 2019

With a bit of planning there are tons of things you can do to save cash on a night out 鈥 and be pleasantly surprised when you check your bank balance the next day.聽

We鈥檝e all woken up after a night out, seen our bank balance and wondered how we spent so much. The average most of us in the UK spend on a night out is 拢69(www.bbc.co.uk聽Mar 2019) 鈥 and it鈥檚 easy to spend a lot more. Whether it鈥檚 rounds of drinks and club entry fees, all those added extras at the cinema or that tempting dessert at the restaurant, nights out can easily add up.聽

If you鈥檙e striving to save cash or trying to get out of your overdraft, spending less on nights out can help 鈥 here are some tips to do just that without killing your social life!聽

  1. Use a separate card

Using a card connected to an account that only contains the amount you want to spend on the night can really help you get a handle on your spending when you鈥檙e out. Leave your regular bank card at home and set a specific amount of money aside for the night on your B贸 card so you won鈥檛 be tempted to overspend on rounds of shots or a 2 am takeaway!聽

Using a card connected to an account that only contains the amount you want to spend on the night can really help you get a handle on your spending when you鈥檙e out.

2. Be smart about transport

Getting taxis is convenient, but they aren鈥檛 cheap. So when possible opt for public transport or even share a taxi with a friend. Getting a taxi is often the right choice for safety reasons 鈥 but there are ways of doing it that can bring the cost down; how about getting a lift from a friend there to cut the cost in half or, sharing a taxi home? There are also apps like Uber and Lyft who aim to make transport cheaper and easier 鈥 they also have sharing functions on them 鈥搇ike Uber Pool- where they pick up several people going to similar locations for a lower cost.

3. Hunt down deals

Loads of bars, restaurants, cinemas or venues have deals going. Search online for vouchers or download one of the many apps which give you special offers.

4. Avoid rounds where you can

Rounds are great when you鈥檙e out with three or four friends. They鈥檙e not so good when you鈥檙e buying drinks for larger groups who might never pay you back or sneak off before it鈥檚 their round!聽

Doing rounds is one of those cultural conventions that are hard to get out of. But it can pay to be upfront at the start of the night and even propose a kitty instead so everyone starts by contributing the same amount of money.

5. Find clubs with free entry (or cheap offers)

If there鈥檚 a band or DJ you have to see, you鈥檙e obviously going to want to pay the entrance fee. But, if you鈥檙e paying a tenner to go listen to the same music being played everywhere, there鈥檚 normally a good chance you can find other decent clubs with a lower entry fee (or none at all).聽

Alternatively, book in advance for club entry 鈥 there鈥檚 normally a hefty discount if you buy tickets online days or even hours in advance. 聽

6. Keep it local

Nights out in the centre of town are always fun, but they鈥檙e normally more expensive too 鈥 food, drinks, and entertainment usually cost more, as does transport there and back. If you鈥檙e saving or trying to clear some debt, going out closer to home is normally a lower cost option (and often just as fun!).聽

7. The new going out鈥

Who said you need to go out to have fun? Why not set up a round-robin where everyone in your group hosts a night once a month. You can make it a game night, a theme night, a house party or just drinks and a carpet picnic. You can save a lot of money buying your drinks in the supermarket instead of over a bar and ask everyone to bring a bottle or a dish. Best of all, you don鈥檛 need a taxi to get to bed! 聽

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